Mouse infested Stoke Newington restaurant ordered to close

The Urfa Sofrasi restaurant, 107 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BX was closed on the spot by Environmental Health on 18 January 2010 following a routine Environmental Health investigation that uncovered mouse droppings inside the cooker, on the floor and in cabinets where pots, pans and knives were kept.

On 21 January, Bow County Court, issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order, prohibiting the use of a restaurant as a food business

The restaurant, which boasted a “wide range of Middle Eastern cuisine”, was closed using a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order, issued against Mr Sahin Dirilmis, Mr Kadir Darilmis and Urfa Sofrasi Ltd. This is a rare enforcement measure and is only used where there is an imminent risk to health, and food is very likely to be contaminated. With unhygienic conditions, mouse droppings, mouse urine and fleas, Hackney Council’s Environmental Health Officers agreed that the restaurant was at imminent risk of giving its customers food poisoning.

Cllr Alan Laing, Member of Cabinet for Neighbourhoods said: “This restaurant barely deserved the name. Riddled with vermin and a threat to the health of staff and customers alike, eating establishments with these disgusting conditions do not belong in Hackney. If the restaurant follows instructions and takes crucial steps to become fit and safe for purpose, it will still remain a priority for monitoring by Environmental Health Officers, who will carry on making unannounced visits to food businesses in Hackney.”

Urfa Sofrasi Restaurant will be closely monitored and would only be allowed to re-open once Environmental Health Officers were satisfied with standards and under close scrutiny. The restaurant will not be awarded any stars in the Scores on the Doors food hygiene ratings, which are available by logging onto