Marshals back in Dalston to help people get home safely


Taxi Marshals are coming back to Dalston to help late night travellers get home safely.


Marshals, based outside Birthdays on Kingsland Road on Saturday nights, from 3 October, can flag down licensed cabs, provide information on fares and using taxis and also help make sure people don’t use illegal or unlicensed vehicles. The marshals will help travellers leave the area more quickly, and give passengers not getting a cab tips on getting home safely.


In 2014 Hackney Council lobbied Transport for London (TfL) to turn loading bays into taxi ranks from 7pm to 7am. The marshals proved very popular, taking 5571 passengers home in 2558 cabs in three months (October 2014 to December 2015).

Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council
Hackney’s popularity has brought many benefits to the area, but it can also lead to noise and other anti-social behaviour in the early hours which can disturb residents.

We are really pleased that through TfL, the council and local businesses working together the taxi Marshalls will be able to help people get home safely and quickly.
Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council