Market Trader fined for selling fakes

A market trader at Kingsland Shopping Centre was fined a total of £915.00 at Thames Magistrates Court in Bow on 5 May 2010 for the supply and sale of counterfeit jml John Mills limited "ped eggs", "nicer dicer" and “ez combs”*.

Jason Hall, aged 42** of 55, Annesley Road in Sheffield pleaded guilty and was fined following a prosecution brought by Hackney Trading Standards.

On 12 November 2009, Hackney Trading Standards Officers seized a total of 152 "Ped eggs", 120 Ez combs and 10 nicer dicers - all counterfeits.

Steve Douglas, Hackney Council s Corporate Director for Neighbourhoods & Regeneration said: “Hackney shops and market stalls are places where we want to find genuine goods sold at decent prices. Those caught selling counterfeits are cheating the public of a fair deal and will continue to be prosecuted.”

Mr Hall was fined a total of £200 for each offence of the Trade marks Act* and ordered to pay costs of £315.00.