Love London Fields

We are asking people to Love London Fields and do their bit to look after the park and keep it clean and tidy this summer.

London Fields is an award winning park enjoyed by thousands of people during the warmer weather. But not everyone treats it with the respect it deserves. We want everyone who uses the park to help to change this.

In 2011, park users told us they supported having a BBQ area in London Fields. Some people are now abusing this by bringing sound systems and having late night parties which disturb residents who live nearby.

Some people are not using a stand with their BBQ, which scorches the ground and leaves unsightly patches of burnt grass. People have also been illegally selling burgers to other park goers and some people are even using London Fields as a toilet instead of using the free public toilets in the park.

Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council
London Fields is one of Hackney’s most popular parks and the great weather this summer has seen thousands enjoying the BBQ area. While we really don’t want to stop people enjoying themselves some people need to treat it with a bit more respect, and remember that people live near the park and it’s a place for everyone to enjoy. If this continues, we may have no other choice but to remove the BBQ area. So please, can everyone using this area think twice about what they are doing.
Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council

Follow the barbecue guidelines

Anyone not using a stand will be asked by park keepers to use one or put the BBQ out. BBQs are not permitted outside the designated area, which is at the South West entrance nearest to Broadway Market. There is a special metal bin for the disposal of BBQs

Do not litter

Please dispose of cigarettes and other litter, rather than leaving them on the ground, as it makes it unpleasant for other people. Recycle metal bottle tops in the cow bins along with bottles and cans, rather than throwing them on the grass.


We have enforcement days, where our noise, trading standards and anti social behaviour teams join together with the police to clamp down on anti social activity in the area. Further enforcement days are planned.

On 20 July, community safety wardens issued fixed penalty notices to people urinating in public. A number of sound systems were prevented from setting up in the park. There was a reduction of illegal sales of alcohol and illegal food sellers and people were stopped from setting up barbecues in the wrong area of the park.