Love London Fields and use a stand when you BBQ

Hackney Council is again encouraging people to ‘Love London Fields’, and asking that they do their bit to look after the park and keep it clean and tidy.

BBQ’s are very popular in London Fields but many people don’t use a stand and this scorches the ground leaving unsightly patches on the grass. After the success of last year’s trial the dedicated BBQ area, where people can have a BBQ if they use a stand is in operation again.

Respondents to the Council’s consultation last summer were generally supportive of the proposal to allow a designated BBQ area at London Fields with 79.9% (410) of those in favour. The full report is available at

Anyone not using a stand will be asked by Council staff to use one or put the BBQ out. BBQ’s will not be permitted outside the designated area, which will be at the South West entrance nearest to Broadway Market. The Council will provide a special metal bin for the disposal of BBQ’s.

London Fields is an award winning park enjoyed by thousands of people during the warmer weather. But, not everyone treats it with the respect it deserves and the council is asking everyone who uses the park to help to change this.

Hackney Council is also encouraging people to dispose of their cigarettes, rather than leaving them on the ground, as it makes it unpleasant for other people. Recycle metal bottle tops in the cow bins along with bottles and cans, rather than throwing them on the grass.

Hackney Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Cllr Jonathan McShane said: “Hackney residents told us they support having a BBQ area in London Fields, so we are providing one again this year. The park is there for everyone to enjoy, and we all need to treat it with respect and do our bit to show that we ‘Love London Fields .”

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