“Like a new-build home” – investing in Cherbury Court

Article from issue 21 of Our Homes, 16 December

Residents in Hoxton are enjoying life in their newly transformed homes after work was completed on a comprehensive revamp of Cherbury Court –both inside and out.

The changes have seen tenants receive brand new kitchens and completely refurbished bathrooms, with the project team working closely with residents to maximise the space in each home and help them choose colours and styles to suit their tastes.

New aluminum-framed windows have also been fitted across the building, giving residents warmer homes and lower heating bills. The focus has been on improving homes on the inside. However, it’s also been an opportunity to make wider investment in the building as a whole.

That’s meant changes that residents will benefit from every day – like better lighting and spruced-up communal areas – with the added bonus of a new community hall.


It also includes improvements that you don’t always see but will help ensure the homes stay in good condition in the long-term: a new flat roof, repairs to concrete and brickwork, and full rewiring across the building.

Big projects like this will always mean some disturbance for residents, but investing across the building in one go – as a part of a single, coordinated project – means that disruption in the long-term is kept to a minimum, because the Council won’t need to come back again and again for different improvements.

Rosemary Eluemuno, pictured, who has lived in Cherbury Court for more than 20 years, has had her kitchen and living room transformed into a modern, open-plan living space alongside a new bathroom and toilet. She said:

“When I first came to this flat it was just dated and it was a nightmare cleaning it. Now it’s fresh, open, modern – it’s my dream kitchen and it’s easy to maintain.”

Helen Mackay, a resident of eight years, said: “When I first moved here, the flat needed a lot of improvements – now it’s like living in a new-build home. I’ve put a lot of effort into decorating it over the years, and it just shows what you can do with the Council’s help.”