Keep cycling this winter

Cycling is a fantastic way to travel. It is one of the most reliable, economical, healthiest and entertaining ways of getting around London. With a bit of information and some basic gear, cycling in winter is as easy and safe as it is in the summer months.

The top tips from Hackney’s Transportation Team are:

•Ensure that your bicycle is safe to use – check your brakes and tyres are in good working order;
•You must have a rear reflector, and working front and rear lights for cycling when it’s dark;
•Consider wearing bright-coloured clothes and clothes made out of reflective and fluorescent material;
•Get specialist advice on a safety helmet;
•Make yourself aware of cycle routes. Maps are available from the Council and TfL websites or by contacting or 020 8356 8040;
•Be confident. Cycling too close to the kerb increases your risk as it makes you less visible to other traffic. Ride far enough from parked cars to avoid any opening doors.
•Give lorries space. Be aware that large vehicles have blind spots - if you can’t see their mirrors they can’t see you. Never cycle on the inside of a lorry if there is a chance it could be turning left.
•Cycle training can help you cycle more confidently with traffic. To arrange cycle training for children call 020 8802 6013 and for adults call 020 7231 6005.
•Cycling is all about sharing space with other people. Remind yourself of the Highway Code and smile and be courteous to other road users even when they aren t!

Cllr Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “Cycling is really popular in Hackney. We’re ranked number one in the UK for the rise in number of people cycling and more Hackney residents cycle to work than any other borough in London.

“It’s really important that people continue to enjoy cycling throughout the winter months. Be aware of different conditions in the winter and how the weather and reduced daylight can affect you and other road users."

For more information about cycling in Hackney please contact the Streetscene team on 020 8356 2897or visit