Jumble Trail 13 September cancelled

The Jumble Trail event planned for Sunday 13 September in Stoke Newington has been cancelled. The planned event was part of a series of seven Jumble Trails supported by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA).

Hackney Council has not ruled out allowing another Jumble Trail to take place in Hackney, but there are several factors which led to this specific event being cancelled:

  • A Jumble Trail was held in Clapton in June this year (before the NLWA started supporting the events). There were around 300 stalls and council enforcement officers, street cleaners and an extra waste collection crew had to work during and after the event. These staff will already have considerable demands placed on them on 13 September due to the Hackney One Carnival and the United Festival in Finsbury Park taking place on the same day.
  • At the Clapton event there were problems caused by people blocking public pathways, trading on public highways and litter.

The council is working with another organisation which is planning a similar event at the end of September. This takes a different approach to Jumble Trail including dedicated sites off the public highway. As Jumble Trail has already had an event in Hackney, the council feels it will be fair to see how this different approach to community sales might work. The council will learn from the experiences and take a view on the best way to manage community sales in the future.