Join the Hackney Matters panel today and get prizes and points for your time

Residents can earn points and prizes for sharing their opinions on important local issues through the online residents panel, Hackney Matters.

Hackney Matters members can expect regular short online surveys, occasional invites to group discussions, interacting virtually with other members and the opportunity to attend the annual Hackney Matters event - how much you get involved is completely up to you.

If you live or work in Hackney you can join Hackney Matters, where you will be rewarded for continued commitment. For example, members who complete a survey will automatically be entered into a free draw with the chance to win prizes and vouchers as well earn redeemable points.

Hundreds of residents from a range of backgrounds have already signed up and the Council is keen to recruit new members to help refresh the panel, so we can ensure it is representative of Hackney's diverse population.

I really enjoy being a part of the panel, I feel like I am able to get involved and really make a change in my community. I have seen the difference being on the panel can make especially in housing and youth services.

I would encourage all of Hackney’s residents to get involved. It’s a great and easy way of making a difference in the community and the rewards are really great.
Sharon Shamedje, panel member

Hackney Council will use the feedback from the panel to help deliver better services that meet the needs of people living in Hackney. Panel members will also regularly get to hear about how their views have made a difference.

As a Hackney Matters panel member you will:


✓ Be heard,

✓ Give feedback on local issues

✓ Get rewarded for your time

✓ Have a say about matters that affect people living and working in Hackney

✓ Become a member of an online community

✓ Enter competitions and free prize draws

✓ Make a difference in Hackney

Join now at http://hackneymatters.org.uk/join_now