Hundreds more affordable homes for the borough

HUNDREDS of new affordable homes are on the way for Hackney residents looking to rent or buy, thanks to multi-million-pound government funding.

A grant of £48 million is set to be the first instalment of a new programme that will help deliver up to 400 new affordable homes in the coming years.

Of those for rent, 65% are to be family homes, with three or more bedrooms, compared to a London-wide target of 42%.

During the past two years however, Hackney received £153million from the Housing Corporation, the government agency that funds new affordable housing, to provide 1,700 affordable homes, exceeding an initial planned total of 1,200 by nearly 30%.

Of those available for rent, more than 60% are family homes with three or more bedrooms, nearly double a London-wide target at the time of 35%.

Cllr Jamie Carswell, Deputy Mayor of Hackney, said: “Hackney needs more homes, and certainly more family homes, so this is good news for the borough.

“Hackney has delivered the largest social rented housing programme in the capital for three or more bedrooms, and I am proud that this is set to continue.”

High-profile developments currently include the Burberry Factory, in central Hackney, set to be completed next year by Family Mosaic.

This involves both private and affordable housing together with a modernised Burberry shop – 87 affordable homes will be created, including four- and six-bed flats for families, and also six wheelchair-accessible ones.