Hundreds dive into free swimming lessons in Hackney

Local families have been making a splash at Kings Hall Leisure Centre this summer thanks to two weeks of free family swimming lessons.

The family sessions, which ran from 24 July to 4 August, enabled residents to gain confidence in deep water and put their swimming skills to the test while taking part in games such as water polo.

There were a total of 1,050 visits across the two week period and more than 50 children improved from beginners to confident swimmers.

Ahmed Patel, who brought along his three sons, comments: "For my children it built their confidence a lot. It gave them the opportunity to go in the big pool for the first time, which was great for them. It was a really positive experience."

More than 40 people booked onto holiday crash courses once the free family swimming sessions came to an end including Grace Ajibola, whose three daughters took part, she comments: "As beginners it helped them love swimming. To be in the water for a longer amount of time motivated them to come back."

For more information on swimming lessons contact King’s Hall Leisure Centre on: 020 8985 2158 or email: kingshall@gll.org.