Help to shape the future of Hackney Central

Hackney Town Hall

Creating up to 3,000 jobs, 45,000 sq.m of new or improved workspace and retail floorspace, 1,000 new homes and an enhanced public realm - these are among the ambitions for the town centre described in the Draft Hackney Central and Surrounds Masterplan.

Residents and businesses are now being invited to comment on this important planning document and to help shape the future of the area.

The Draft Masterplan aims to give future development a set of physical guidelines to develop within and, when finalised, will allow the Council’s Planning Service to work with developers to realise these ambitions. Some of the main points for discussion include relocating Clapton Bus Garage to create new workspace, retail space and homes, and creating new pedestrian routes in the town centre.

The Tesco site in Morning Lane is another area highlighted in the Draft Masterplan, which explores options for redeveloping the site, to potentially include new retail space including a supermarket, new workspace and new homes.

Other proposals include expanding the public square at the bottom of the Narrow Way; improving Hackney Central Overground station and redeveloping some Council-owned sites, including the Hackney Housing depot at Florfield Road, to provide workspace and homes.

Affordable housing and workspace is an important part of the Draft Masterplan and future development will be expected to meet the Council’s affordable housing requirements alongside the provision of affordable workspace.

The Draft Masterplan seeks to add more detail to the objectives set out in an existing planning document. The Hackney Central Area Action Plan was adopted in 2012 following an extensive public consultation process, and sets out a plan for coordinated development and design in the town centre. The Draft Masterplan goes into more detail about what this could look like at some of the key sites in the town centre and sets out how these developments could be delivered.

Hackney Central is a thriving town centre; a hub for civic and cultural facilities and activities alongside an increasing demand for employment space for both making and selling. The Draft Hackney Central and Surrounds Masterplan presents a number of proposals that will help meet the demand for more space in our town centre whilst complimenting the character of the area.

The plan aims to describe in detail what could happen at a number of large sites in the town centre and add to Hackney’s reputation as a place to live and work in. Please do get involved and share your thoughts; let the Council know where you think it works as a plan and where you think it could be improved.

Your feedback will inform and shape a version of this plan that will be adopted, spelling out to developers and landowners what we, the community, would like to see in Hackney Central, avoiding a piecemeal approach to future development.
Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Planning, Business and Investment

The Council has produced a summary document, which outlines the purpose of the Draft Masterplan, the vision for the area and what the Draft Masterplan could deliver in the years ahead. You can find out more and have your say by‪ visiting www.hackney.gov.uk/spd or by calling 020 8356 1318 or visit one of the following drop-in sessions:

Thursday 20 October, 2-5pm – Bottom of the Narrow Way, opposite Marks and Spencer

Tuesday 1 November, 10am-1pm – Hackney Central Library

Thursday 10 November, 3-6pm – Junction of Mare Street and Westgate Street, opposite Space Studios