Help inform the future of housing in Hackney

Hackney residents are being encouraged to complete a survey to help inform the Council’s future housing plans.

The survey will help inform the new housing strategy which will set out how Hackney can play a part in tackling London’s housing crisis and respond to residents’ concerns about increasingly unaffordable rents and house prices in the borough. 

The information will be used to provide evidence of the need for different sizes and types of housing in each of the wards that make up the borough and go on to shape strategies around housing, making sure that the policies reflect the needs of the borough. 

Hackney has one of the fastest rent rises for two-bed homes in Britain over the past decade. The average house price as of August 2022 is £698,290, 19x the median household income in the borough. Meanwhile, a two bedroom privately rented home now costs more than £2,000 a month on average.

Residents are being asked about their current living situations, where they would ideally like to live and what types of housing that the borough needs. This survey is an essential part of planning for future housing and will help us better understand the needs and wants of the borough. 

The survey is open until 10pm Friday 5th May 2023. The Council will consult on a draft housing strategy later this year, before a final strategy is considered by the Council’s Cabinet

To complete the survey, visit the consultation page