Hackney’s estates will look bloomin’ great!

Around one and a half football pitches worth of green space on Hackney’s estates have been planted with bulbs over the past three years, which are set to bloom in the coming spring. 

In the past three years, Housing Services have planted 484,000 bulbs across the borough’s housing communal areas. Adding a touch of brightness and colour to green spaces on estates. 

This December both Trelawney Estate and Nesbitt House Estate will also see a visit from a bulb-planting mini tractor - which can plant up to 25,000 bulbs in as little as 60 minutes! 

These two estates were chosen for their central locations and busy junction points so maximum footfall and people passing on their ways to school and work can benefit from the colourful displays.

As well as providing an attractive planting scheme for residents to look at, these spring-blooming bulbs offer some of the first food sources for bees after a long winter.

Paul Foinette, Service Manager Grounds Maintenance
At the end of winter in March you should start to see the first bulbs flowering into snowdrops and crocus, with the tulips coming a bit later in the Spring. These flower displays provide a surprising peep of colour through the turfed areas on our housing estates - for me they really lift my spirits as I know winter is ending and spring has sprung! Keep a look out and see which types of flowers you can spot in Hackney’s estates next year.
Paul Foinette, Service Manager Grounds Maintenance