Hackney young people in demand for Olympic jobs

Five young Hackney residents have just been accepted for the latest round of the BBC Work Experience.

The BBC Work Experience is open to Hackney residents aged 18 or over, who aren’t on a degree course or already have a degree, and offers placements of up to four weeks in different areas of the BBC, including News, 2012 Dreams, Archives, Sport and different drama and talk shows. There will be over 70 placements a year, each year until 2012, and Hackney has a guaranteed number of these placements.

Cabinet member for Regeneration and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Councillor Guy Nicholson, congratulated the latest recruits: “This initiative with the BBC is a great example of how the 2012 Games can open doors and create opportunities beyond that of sport.

“These work placements can provide real avenues to getting jobs in Hackney’s rapidly growing digital and creative economy.”

Hackney student Jacek Geisler, 21, had an exciting glimpse behind the scenes at BBC TV Centre in Shepherd’s Bush during his month long work placement with BBC Sport last month.

“It was fascinating to watch Football Focus from the gallery,” says Arsenal fan Jacek, a student at Hackney Community College. “We had a tour of the radio and television newsrooms and we could see the newsreaders reading the news live.”

Star spotting aside, Jacek worked in the film library logging sports highlights: “For a football match, for example, I had to summarise the important moments and then log them into the system so that producers could search for the goals that they wanted for their programmes,” he says. “I had to do this for all the sports. I had no idea about cricket before but I’m familiar with it now. It’s an exciting game; very technical.”

Jacek came to Hackney from Poland five years ago and is currently studying for a BTec in Film and Television production. The course finishes this year and he’s applying to University to study film production. The experience has left him even more determined to work in the industry. “It was a very useful experience. It’s amazing to observe the television production process and see whether you like it or not,” he says. “I want to be part of a production team, whether in television or film.”

“It was exciting to go there every day and wonder who I might meet. One day, I shared a lift with Colin Murray from Football Focus, and I saw the rapper Chipmunk.” He admits that he’s now got a lot of practical college work to catch up on but he won’t forget the experience of being part of the team at one of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters.

To find out more call On Site, Hackney’s Recruitment Centre, on 020 7275 7843, or email