Hackney surveys provision for black youths

Hackney Council is carrying out an extensive survey of the borough’s services for young black people.

The consultation follows the House of Commons Homes Affairs Committee (HAC) report into the disproportionate number of young black men and women represented in the criminal justice system.

Hackney’s is the first local authority to map its services for children and young people focussing on this specific group, in order to provide more targeted services and help reduce the number of black youngsters getting into trouble.

Steve Goodman, Deputy Director, Children and Young People’s Services, welcomes the survey, saying: “It’s important that we are not only providing enough services for young people in Hackney, but that what is available is suitable for all sections of the community.”

“I hope the information obtained from the consultation will lead to better awareness for the providers of services for young people.”

Over the next month, all service providers working with children and young people in the borough will be consulted including the Council’s Youth Service and Youth Offending Team and local schools, colleges, health providers, faith groups, sports and community organisations.

The survey will provide comprehensive data on the numbers of service users, practice methodology, record-keeping, access arrangements and funding and will inform how the services can be improved in the future.

If you have not received the survey, either by email or by post, and your organisation works with 8 to 19 year olds in Hackney, please contact Christian Steenberg, tel: 07985 692919.