Hackney Scrutiny commission seeks to tackle domestic violence

A Council scrutiny commission has undertaken a review which aims to support the reduction of domestic violence in Hackney.

Hackney currently has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in London, compared to similar London boroughs, and the issue was singled out for special investigation by the Community Safety and Social Inclusion Scrutiny Commission.

For its review, the Commission focused on the main problems facing the borough, such as how to support the most commonly affected victims (16-19 year old women); children and vulnerable adults living with domestic violence; how to respond to increased reports of domestic violence incidents; coping with budgetary pressures and ensuring perpetrators undertake behaviour change programmes. Increased reporting has come about because of the increase in support provided in recent years. The key challenge now is to ensure that victims see court cases through to their conclusion and are not intimidated into withdrawing early or not showing up in court.

The Commission made several recommendations to address these areas of concern and presented them to Cabinet and council members.

Cllr Carole Williams, Chair of the Community Safety and Social Inclusion Scrutiny Commission, said: “Domestic violence affects too many people in Hackney. The Council services which address this are changing, and important decisions need to be taken. Our report demonstrates that these services are high performing and have begun to transform an area of social care which had been neglected for too long".

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