Hackney: Love happens here

Hackney was out and proud at this year’s Pride in London parade on Saturday, 8 July. Which saw nearly 150 people from Hackney – the borough’s biggest contingent ever – marching to support equality for LGBTQI+ communities in Hackney and across the globe.

Council staff, the Speaker, councillors, local LGBTQI+ businesses, charities, community and youth groups walked alongside Hackney’s float for this year – a Council bin lorry – complete with rainbow flag touting waste operatives, whose message was: don’t trash love.

The walking group included representatives from the Arcola theatre; Hackney Museum; Project Indigo; Sh! women’s store; St Joseph’s Hospice; The Glory; and Young Hackney.

Nick Connaughton, Creative Engagement Manager at the Arcola, said: “We were honoured to march alongside representatives from across Hackney. Alongside the Mayor, council staff, residents, and our vibrant community and voluntary sector, the parade recognised that the LGBTQI+ community stands on the shoulders of those who have gone before, whilst reminding us of the work still to be done to achieve true equality.

“The cheers and spontaneous chants of 'Hackney' from both ourselves, and the spectators along the route, reminded me how special the borough is, and continues to give energy to our efforts to make Hackney a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.”

The slogan for this year’s Pride in London was ‘love happens here’, the Hackney contingent had a fitting tribute, which saw marchers wearing I Love Hackney rainbow heart T-shirts, a powerful symbol of the borough’s commitment to LGBTQI+ equality and a celebration of diversity.



Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney
Being at Pride, with Hackney’s biggest ever contingent, we amplified the message, that we as a borough march in solidarity and positively affirm our passion for equality, challenging all forms of hate such as homophobia and transphobia, while celebrating and standing with the LGBTQI+ community, not only in our borough, but around the world.
Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

There are many ways Hackney Council is celebrating and supporting the LGBTQI+ community. As well as taking part in the Pride in London parade, the Council has also launched Hackney Pride 365, a year-round, community-led festival that celebrates the borough’s historic, diverse and boundary-breaking LGBTQI+ community.

Keep up-to-date, sign up to events, and find out more about Hackney Pride 365 by following: #Pride365, www.facebook.com/hackneypride365; or visit: www.hackney.gov.uk/lgbt.