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Hackney Council's position regarding PSPOs following scrutiny commission report

In response to questions about a recent draft report produced by the Community Safety and Social Inclusion Scrutiny Commission, Hackney Council has clarified its position regarding Public Space Protection Orders.

A spokesperson said: “We’ve currently got no plans to introduce a PSPO in Hackney. The Community Safety and Social Inclusion Scrutiny Commission is made up of back bench councillors, whose role is to scrutinise all aspects of crime and community safety and the impact these issues have on all of our residents. As part of their work, they decided to look in-depth at progress being made around anti-social behaviour, which continues to have an negative impact on the lives of some of our residents.

“PSPOs are a relatively new power to help local authorities to tackle anti-social behaviour, introduced under the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, and can be used in many different ways.

“Following the withdrawal of the proposed PSPO in Hackney last year, one of the Commission’s recommendations is that the Council monitors the use of PSPOs in other areas, to assess in what circumstances they might be suitable for use. This recommendation will be reported back to Cabinet in due course, as with all recommendations of the various scrutiny commissions.”