Hackney a hot spot for mice infestation callouts

Recent reports claim that Hackney has been named as the fourth worst hot spot for rodents in the country and the second worst in London.

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) figures, upon which the story is based, are misleading.

Hackney Council runs a cost effective, efficient pest control service, which competes for work with private sector companies. Unlike most authorities, we offer a comprehensive service. For example, if two residents in a block report problems with mice, we will offer to treat every household in the building. Most other councils do not offer this level of service, and will refer residents to the private sector.

The BPCA says that high figures are good news as they show people trust their councils to solve the issue.

Laurence Barnard, from the BCPA says that high numbers of callouts show that “councils are doing a good job and not letting people live with the problem. We would definitely say it's good that they are dealing with pest control.”

The BPCA is concerned that pest control budgets are being cut across the country, so more people have to use private companies.

Unlike many commercial pest control companies, Hackney Council does not sign domestic customers up for long contracts and multiple visits. Also, our officers will find out where the pests are coming from and advise residents on how to stop them coming back.

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