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Hacking for Hackney – the first Council Hack-ney-thon


Hackney Council is launching its first ever Hack event called the Hack-ney-thon, with a number of partners from Tech City. It will challenge the borough’s tech talent to find creative and innovative ideas, hacks and software solutions to look at three areas which the Council believes it can do better.

The three areas are:

  • The online registration of births, marriages and deaths
  • Notifying interested parties of currently available commercial properties
  • An open category following suggestions from Hackney residents.

Hackney residents are being invited to submit ideas of Council services that they think can be improved – some of these suggestions will be given to the Hack-ney-thon tech talent to work on under the ‘open category’ part of the 24 hour event.

The winning solution on the day will be judged on its overall design and usability and how it will improve the lives of people living in Hackney. A prize will awarded to the winning person or team and the Hack-ney-thon design will be used and promoted by the Council.

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Hackney Council
Hackney, home to Tech City, has some of the best creative and tech talent in the UK and from around the world. The Hackney Hack is designed to harness that talent by collaborating with a range of creative businesses and individuals to enhance Hackney Council’s services. The objective is to design services that are efficient and provide a better quality service for residents. This event is an example of the Council’s continued partnership working with other local organisations, including the creative tech community, to help stimulate local economic growth in addition to supporting Council services at a time of Central Government led spending cuts.
Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Hackney Council

To attend the Hack-ney-thon 2014, please visit the Event brite website where suggestions for the open category can also be submitted.

Hackney Council are delivering the Hack-ney-thon with the partners Minibarlabs, Poke, Publicis UK and the Trampery. The strategic partner is Tech City UK.