Free film screening in Dalston Square postponed until 23 May


Unfortunately, because Saturday 2 May, is forecast to be rainy, windy and cold we have decided to postpone the film screening until 23 May. Look out for details.

 Free screening of the Turkish comedy Bana Masal Anlatma (Don’t tell me tales – 2015) in Dalston Square moved to Saturday 23 May.

The subtitled screening, marks the start of a new and exciting film club at Dalston CLR James Library dedicated to films from Turkey and East Asia.

The chosen film, rated 12a, starts at 8pm and finishes around 10pm. The event is being organised by Hackney Council and the Lost Picture show. This screening is free and open to everyone.

The council has a PA system that has been specifically calibrated for the square, to reduce the noise and disturbance to people not watching the film.

Hackney Film Club Turkish and East Asia edition will run at Dalston CLR James Library on the first Thursday of every month.