Drivers and cyclists encouraged to Share the Road

Hackney has a proud reputation of being a ‘cycling borough’, with more trips than any other borough - eight percent of all residents’ trips - made by bike.

The Council actively encourages sustainable modes of transport in Hackney, and cycling helps to reduce congestion, improve the environment and also has important health benefits.

Nowadays, of course, many local people both drive and cycle and, on the whole, Hackney road users generally get along just fine. Historically, however, drivers and cyclists have not always seen eye-to-eye.

Councillor Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Road safety and sustainable transport are priorities for us here in the Hackney. With New Year’s resolutions currently being pledged, we are encouraging everyone who travels through the borough to follow a few steps to help drivers and cyclists share the road in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.”

Three steps to being an even better driver:

Give cyclists plenty of room
- ‘Bike boxes’ at traffic lights have an Advanced Stop Line so that cyclists can get ahead safely and cross the junction. Give them space and time, and make sure you wait behind the second line, keeping clear of the bike box. Cyclists won’t delay your journey for more than a few seconds and they actually reduce congestion – the real cause of traffic delays.
- Be aware that cyclists are trained to ride quite far out in the road, where they are more visible and there are less surface hazards. Give them plenty of room when overtaking in case they need to swerve to avoid a hazard.
- Don’t try to squeeze past a cyclist on a narrow road, or where a traffic island narrows the lane. Cyclists need to keep clear of parked vehicles in case someone opens a car door in front of them. Wait until there is a wider section of road to overtake safely.

Check for cyclists
- Use your mirrors regularly, and look out for cyclists on your passenger side when turning left. They are often travelling faster than you think – it is safer to wait till they have passed than to try to cut in front of them.
- Check that the road is clear before opening car doors.
- Always check behind thoroughly before reversing.

Give way to cyclists
- At a T-junction, cyclists on the main road have priority, just like any other road user. Wait until they have passed before you pull out.

Three steps to being an even better cyclist:

- Cycling on the pavement is prohibited. It is also slower, more hazardous and makes vulnerable pedestrians nervous.
- Riding on the road is quicker, with fewer obstructions.

Follow the Highway Code
- Drivers are more likely to treat you with respect if you follow the Highway Code.
- Stop at red and use the ‘Bike Box’ at traffic lights.

Take some cycle training
- Free one-to-one lessons in safe, confident cycling are available through the Council. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced commuter, you can always pick up some tips and polish your technique.
- There are also lessons available in safe cycling for families, where you can learn how to ride confidently and protectively with your children.

For more information or to book a training session email Alison Butler, Cycle Training Officer at: or call 020 8356 6594.