Hackney Council,

Tutorials to help residents improve their digital skills

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As the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of digital literacy, Hackney Council has launched a campaign to help residents improve their digital skills. 

The campaign includes a toolkit of easy to follow step-by-step videos and a new intergenerational digital training programme matching younger people with residents who have very limited digital skills.

Videos include how to set up a new device and how to use Zoom and WhatsApp , as well as important information regarding scams and online dangers. 

The council has been working with local care homes to train care workers to teach elderly people how best to use online functions. It has also launched the Digital Buddies Programme, which is led by volunteers aged 16-18, who provide one to one training to help older people get online and navigate the internet. 

Venislava Lozanova, a carer for people with personal care medication at Ashley Court Housing with care scheme, has been helping residents who are unable to use the internet independently. She said that working through the videos with residents has definitely raised their confidence. “Margerette enjoys going online and can even do some basic things herself now”. 

However, it isn’t just elderly people who struggle with using the internet, there are many residents who face literacy and language barriers when trying to access basic functions. Therefore the resources available have been created for a universal audience to help all residents to improve their digital skills. 

Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville
We’ve always known that there are some residents who are digitally excluded, however the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted this further these residents will end up socially isolated because of digital isolation.

At Hackney we strive to be innovative as we face the challenges of the pandemic, but we want to ensure that all our residents are included in that process. From form filling to connecting with loved ones it is a priority of ours to make sure that everyone is able to access the support they need.

I’m keen that we look at how we grow our learning offer to ensure that when there are further outbreaks we can quickly move all residents online.
Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville

For further information and to access the online tools or request a digital buddy please visit: https://hackney.gov.uk/digital-skills