Deputy Mayor responds to Education Secretary's exams announcement

Yesterday, the Secretary of State for Education announced that students will receive grades awarded and determined by teachers, with pupils only assessed on what they have been taught. 

Schools, colleges, other educational settings and exam boards will conduct multiple checks to ensure results are moderated, and every student will have the right to appeal their grade.

Results days are to be brought forward to the week of 9 August. 

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor of Hackney
Yesterday’s announcement will be a relief for students, families and teachers who have been looking for certainty on GCSE and A-level assessments. 

Teachers know their students best and, while normal exams cannot take place, teacher assessments are the most effective way to avoid the stress and inequality caused by the Government’s shambolic handling of assessments last year. 

I welcome the Secretary of State’s announcement that the Department for Education is working on a long-term plan to help students catch-up, but this needs to recognise the real disadvantage faced by students from poorer backgrounds during the last year. 

We await the detail of the plan, which will need to ensure that schools are given the autonomy - and funding - to decide how best to meet the needs of their students.
Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor of Hackney

To find out more about the return to school, visit: https://education.hackney.gov.uk/content/coronavirus-advice