Deputy Mayor Bramble introduces new teaching packs to the Diverse Curriculum to help students explore the story of Windrush


As Hackney prepares to celebrate National Windrush Day on 22 June, Cllr Anntoinette Bramble introduces new Windrush teaching packs to the groundbreaking Diverse Curriculum to enable children to explore the story of Windrush through history and art. 

"As we approach National Windrush Day on June 22, I am delighted to introduce the addition of new lesson plans to Hackney’s Diverse Curriculum which will explore the story of Windrush through history and art classes to enable students in Hackney and beyond to learn about the Windrush generations and their contribution to life in Britain. 

Created by a dedicated team of Hackney teachers and education consultants, and funded by Freelands Foundation as part of the Hackney Windrush Public programme, the teaching packs use the context of the Turner-prize nominated works of Veronica Ryan OBE and  Thomas J Price, being unveiled in Hackney Town Hall Square on National Windrush Day, to  look at the legacy of the Windrush generations. 

The teaching packs, aimed at Early Years to KS2 and KS3 students, include history lessons encouraging children to consider the role of statues and sculptures, art lessons inspiring young people to use art as a form of expression and cultural identity, and Early Years Resources detailing the history and significance of Hackney’s Windrush sculptures. 

Since its launch in October 2020, ‘Hackney's Diverse Curriculum - the Black Contribution’ has helped to enlighten young people about the history of Black people. From the idea and vision I had, the Diverse Curriculum was developed by Hackney Education with Hackney teachers and funded by the Council. The curriculum provides access and insight to the many untold or neglected stories that lie within the DNA of Britain. It highlights the importance of the journeys Black people made to the UK, and acknowledges the many achievements of the Black community, both past and present, which is part of all of our history. Over 2000 schools world wide have signed up to our curriculum. 

As with all lesson plans contained in the Diverse Curriculum, we welcome other boroughs and educators to access the Windrush teaching packs and adapt and use them within their own teaching methods. I hope they help inform and inspire current and future generations of students on the significance of the Windrush generations and their contribution to British history."

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Children's Services and Education