Deadline looming to get on the electoral register, or risk a £1,000 fine

THERE’S only a few weeks left for Hackney residents to fill in and return annual canvass forms – or risk a £1,000 fine.

Reminders are being sent to households which have not so far returned their forms, while officers will also be knocking on doors?

Residents who fail to return annual canvass forms to the Council by 27 November risk a £1,000 fine.

Annual canvass forms inform Hackney Council who is eligible to vote, but credit reference companies also use the electoral register to check addresses, so those who do not fill it in may find it more difficult to get credit, a mortgage or a loan.

However, signing up for other Council services, including paying Council Tax, does not register residents to vote and will not count towards the annual canvass. Also, there is a section for any 16- and 17-year-olds living in the property to be completed.

If there are no changes to a household’s details this year, there are other ways to register this as an alternative to posting back the form:

• by internet at

• by 24-hour freephone on 0800 1972280, quoting when prompted both parts of the security code printed under the ‘Register by Freephone’ box on the form

• by text message (24 hours), texting the four-digit number printed in the ‘Register by text’ box on the form to 80212

Or send the completed form to: Electoral Services, Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, Hackney E8 1EA