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Council homes for shared ownership approved in Hackney Central

Proposals for 14 shared ownership and four market sale homes, to help pay for the whole development, were approved by the borough’s planning sub-committee on the site of the formerly derelict Great Eastern Buildings, which were demolished in 2010, in Readi

The shared ownership homes, designed by Karakusevic Carson Architects, will be made up of five one-bedroom properties, seven two-bedroom, and two three-bedroom, and will be managed by Hackney Homes and marketed when built to local residents.

The development will also include 114sqm of space for offices and shops, again to help pay for the scheme, which is part of Hackney Council's borough-wide, 2,770-home housing regeneration programme for building homes for social renting, shared equity/ownership, and private sale. This programme is now in its fourth year with 201 homes for social renting, 20 for shared ownership/equity, and 42 for private sale built so far, and more than 300 starting on site this year.

Consultation meetings with local residents were held in 2013 for a mixed-height four- and six-storey development, but this was revised after discussions with neighbours. The application was reduced in height to a mix of two, three and four storeys, and resubmitted earlier in 2014.  

Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing
“Hackney Council has pledged to provide new homes for residents, and in addition to building homes for social renting on our estates we recognise that there are residents not only trapped paying rocketing private rents but also who can’t afford sky high market prices to own their own home outright. These shared ownership homes are among the first of 500 the Council is building in the coming years that are designed to meet the needs of these local people.”
Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing