Council to discuss fuel poverty in Hackney

Hackney Council’s approach to addressing the growing issue of fuel poverty is being investigated at a special meeting next week (December 8).
A cross-party group of councillors will question council officers and local Cabinet Members on what can be done locally to help residents warm their homes and keep energy bills down.
Fuel poverty is the name given to situations where more than 10% of a household s income is spent on heating bills. In difficult financial times, many people choose not to use their heat their homes which can lead to serious health problems.
This is a growing issue across the country, despite national targets to eradicate it fuel poverty by 2016. In 2009 over 15% of households in the borough were affected by fuel poverty. The Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission has invited officers with responsibility for housing, health and sustainability to discuss the issue. Also in attendance will be representatives from Age UK (who are working locally to improve awareness of the issue) and the London Assembly, which has recently completed a major project looking at fuel poverty across the capital.
Cllr Clayeon McKenzie, Chair of the Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission, said: “Fuel poverty is an issue on the rise, as energy bills increase and household income declines for many. The Commission wants to establish how the Council can support local people to heat their homes more efficiently, and I would welcome anyone who is interested to attend the meeting and have their say."

The agenda for this meeting is published on Wednesday 30 November, and can be found here: For more information visit: or telephone: 020 8356 3341.