Coding and Creativity


Hackney Council has joined forces with Samsung to #GetHackneyCoding, a month dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of coding in the school curriculum using social media.

Jessie Park, Citizenship Manager at Samsung UK, offers her thoughts on the importance of coding for a young person’s creativity some 200 years since the birth of the world’s first coder.

Ada Lovelace. There’s a name to conjure with. The name is important though; she is often described as the world’s first ever coder. Her name may become more prevalent this year, as 2015 marks 200 years since she was born. For Ada, coding was a kind of poetry, a language that could cross divides. Coding, then, is not particularly new. What is new, is that it is being taken seriously. Crucially, this is happening at schools across the country with the introduction of the new computer curriculum. Samsung are delighted to be supporting Hackney Council who have embraced Ada’s vision.

Why is it important to support this vision? It’s one thing to acknowledge the rising importance of coding, it’s quite another to say that code can be poetry. Coding at an early age is vital and can allow young people to be familiar with a new language and catalyse their opportunities to be poets, to be creative.

I’m no coding expert myself but just speaking to children who are discovering the world of code through programmes that Samsung supports such as Code Club and Apps for Good has been a revelation. Children are, of course, digital natives. They are happy to experiment, to fail and to try again which is certainly an advantage when it comes to technology. With the right support and encouragement from the people in their lives, I am confident that coding will help children and young people from all walks of life to express themselves in ever increasingly creative ways.

And they say creative expression makes people happier and even better problem-solvers in life, so what’s stopping you from coding?
Jessie Park, Citizenship Manager at Samsung UK

The #GetHackneyCoding campaign is taking place throughout this month, for more information and for details about a competition to win a host of tech prizes, please take a look at the online news story.

Samsung supports young people across the UK through access to technology and digital skills development such as coding. To find out more, visit : www.samsung.com/uk/citizenship


Photo caption - Getting creative at Samsung Code Club Hub in Manchester’s Factory Youth Zone