Clapton Square goes wild!

Thanks to efforts of Hackney Council and local volunteers Clapton Square is becoming a wildlife haven in the heart of Hackney.

The Council is working to ensure that all parks have areas for wildlife. By providing more varied habitats parks will be more interesting and enjoyable for residents and the Council will be helping to protect and enhance biodiversity.

Bats traditionally roost in cracks and crevices in trees or buildings but due to the tidying up of parks and houses in recent years there are fewer roosting opportunities - this means the extra places to live provided by bat boxes are really valuable. The boxes will be put up at the site by Hackney Council’s Parks Service.

The Clapton Square User Group raised funds at their Halloween event in 2010 to buy materials to make bat boxes. Local furniture maker and member of the user group Dan Gritten then made six bat boxes, donating his labour due to his passion for the Square.

Cllr Jonathan McShane, Hackney Councils Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care, and Culture said: “The Council has made a commitment to improve biodiversity across Hackney and we are now working to create more spaces for wildlife in our parks. This one in Clapton Square is an excellent example of what can be achieved when a community gets together.”

London Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers also helped Clapton Square’s wildlife on 25 May when they created four insect loggeries at the site. These areas will be used as homes and food by insects, which are then eaten by other species such as birds and bats.

The Hackney Biodiversity Partnership that brings together the Council and representatives from the community and voluntary sector is currently developing a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for the Hackney. Through the BAP we will spell out our plans for action to conserve, protect and enhance Hackney s biological diversity.

Further information is available from the Council’s Biodiversity Officer at or 020 8356 3438 or visiting

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