Changes to Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme for residents in Hackney and across England and Scotland has changed.

New badges were introduced on 1 January, aimed at reducing fraud and making it easier for severely disabled people who rely on the Blue Badge scheme to find a parking space.

The following changes took effect from from 1 January 2012 in England and Scotland:

· Badges have been redesigned to make them harder to alter, copy or forge. The new badges will be made of a combination of PVC and other materials instead of cardboard and will be more robust.

· Some local authorities will be charging for the new Blue Badges but Hackney Council will be keeping the administration costs free to applicants.

· There will be a new national helpline for general enquiries for Blue Badges that will signpost callers to the relevant local authority.

· You can check if you are elegible for a Blue Badge, renew or apply and track progress on applications online via Directgov:

Hackney Council will administer and issue badges. This may also involve providing additional information so the Council can process applications more effectively and take an informed decision about whether or not you need to have a mobility assessment. For more information visit the Council website: