Calling all nominations for Hackney s fifth Design Awards

With the launch of its fifth Hackney Design Awards, Hackney Council has begun its search for the best new designed buildings and spaces in the borough.

Hackney covers just seven square miles and is the third most dense borough in London, but despite its limited space it continues to deliver innovative architecture and design. The Design Awards, which are held every two years, illustrate the Council s commitment to the promotion and celebration of high quality design within the borough s built environment.

Nominations for buildings or spaces within Hackney that showcase high quality design are open until Monday 30 July. Anyone can make a nomination, including architects who have designed a development, residents who inhabit newly developed homes; employees who enjoy their workplace; pupils who love their schools or people who are simply inspired by the look of a building or place in Hackney. Even visitors who have spotted an outstanding building in Hackney are eligible to nominate.

Entries to the Hackney Design Awards 2012 will be shortlisted and judged by an independent panel made up of respected figures in the built environment field. The final awards ceremony will be held in November.

Jules Pipe, elected Mayor of Hackney, said: “The Council is proud to be hosting the fifth Design Awards to celebrate great design and architecture in Hackney. We recognise the importance of high quality design and understand the difference it can make to the lives of residents and whole communities. We are committed to encouraging excellence in all development to ensure that buildings and public spaces throughout the borough meet our aspirations to improve the lives of everyone in Hackney."

People’s Choice award

The People s Choice award puts the power in the hands of the community to vote for its favourite from the judging panel shortlist.

All shortlisted entries will appear in Hackney Today and on the Council’s website in early October. The shortlisted entry which receives the most votes from the public will be announced the People’s Choice at the awards ceremony in November.

What can be nominated?

The nomination must:

- be in the borough of Hackney
- have been completed no earlier than 1 August 2010 and be fully functioning by the closing date for nominations, Monday 30 July 2012 .

Entries for the following types of public or private development are encouraged:
- new buildings – residential, commercial, community, educational or industrial
- alterations to existing buildings – including extension, refurbishment, conversion or restoration
- parks, gardens, pedestrian or play / recreational areas that include structural design elements.

How to nominate
For more information about the Hackney Design Awards 2012, and to make a nomination, please visit: , email: or call: 020 8356 8141

Notes to Editors

1. The criteria for the Hackney Design Awards 2012 are:

Quality – it is of the highest quality in terms of its design, materials used or construction, and is an exemplar for its end use.

Visual amenity – makes a positive visual contribution to its location

Innovation – is an original response to design, construction or environmental constraints, or uses pioneering building techniques

Sustainability – incorporates design, construction, infrastructure, management, landscape, natural or other mechanisms/processes that embrace the principles of sustainability.

2. The Hackney Design Awards 2012 are the fifth awards, which are held every two years.

3. Hackney’s Design Review Panel was set up in early 2007. The panel comprises built environment professionals and its role is to provide independent and professional design advice and evaluation on key developments. The panel does not have statutory decision-making powers - it plays an advisory role to the Council.

4. Hackney is one of the smallest London boroughs by area but one of the most densely populated in London, with a diverse and rich built environment. The Borough has 29 parks and significant open space – 20 per cent of land use is outdoor recreation. It also has a fine heritage with 29 Conservation Areas and 1,200 statutorily listed buildings.