Boris - be fare to Hackney!

Boris – be ‘fare’ to Hackney!

Hackney is opposing the Mayor of London’s plans for inflation-busting bus fare hikes.

The Council has agreed a motion of opposition, and residents can join in by sending an e-card to Boris Johnson here

The increases, which will come into force from January, will raise the cost of a single pre-paid Oyster bus journey from £1.00 to £1.20 – at least £263 over a year for a household of two people going to work on the bus. Or, the equivalent of nearly a 27% increase in Hackney’s share of the Council Tax.

Hackney residents will be hit harder than many other boroughs because bus usage is high, Underground access is limited, and car ownership lower than most of London. IPSOS MORI S annual Place Survey for all councils nationwide showed that 82% of Hackney residents use the bus at least once a week.

Cllr Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “Hackney residents are being hit hardest by Mayor Johnson’s fare rises.

“Although public transport in London needs extra funds, Mayor Johnson could have looked at alternative means of securing more this such as the western extension of the congestion charge and imposing an extra charge on gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicles. Instead, by targeting bus users, he is hitting those who least can afford it while letting wealthy, polluting drivers off the hook.”

Hackney’s Mayor Jules Pipe said: “I support the Council’s initiative. We are working hard for our residents through the recession which is why I am proposing to freeze our share of the Council Tax next year for the fifth year in a row. While we have been able to keep Hackney’s share of the Council Tax at 2005 levels without cutting services, this proposed fare hike is also due to be accompanied by bus service reductions."

To see what the Mayor of London is saying about the new fares, please visit