Bike light giveaway this month!

Hackney Council is giving away 2,000 free bike lights to cyclists in the borough as part of a campaign to encourage people to keep on cycling during the colder months.

The lights will be handed out by roving volunteers from the Hackney Cycling Campaign throughout January, who will give them to anyone they see riding without, and in a series of pop-up light giveaways hosted by Hackney social enterprise CarryMe Bikes during the month.

People will also be able to get a free bike service at a pit stop hosted by the Council at London Lane/Martello Street at 4-7pm on 25 January.

Cllr Feryal Demirci, Deputy Mayor
We want to make it easy and safe for people to cycle all year round, which is why I’d encourage anyone who cycles to collect their free bike lights and get their bike checked out at one of our pitstops!
Cllr Feryal Demirci, Deputy Mayor

Pop-up light giveaways

  • Sat 5 Jan, 4-7pm, Goldsmith's Row near Hackney Road
  • Weds 9 Jan, 4-7pm, Clapton Passage on Quietway 2
  • Sat 12 Jan, 4-7pm, Clapton Passage on Quietway 2
  • Weds 16 Jan, 4-7pm, Pitfield Street (at the southern end where it meets Old Street on the traffic-free section)
  • Sat 19 Jan, 4-7pm, (north end of Clissold Road near Clissold Park and Clissold Leisure Centre)
  • Weds 23 Jan, 4-7pm, Northchurch Terrace by De Beauvoir Square
  • Fri 25 Jan, 4-6pm, London Fields: London Fields/Broadway market entrance

Pit stop

  • Friday 25 January, 4-7pm, London Lane/Martello Street, London Fields

Top tips for cycling in winter

Cycling in the winter months needn’t be a chore - in fact, it’s a great way to keep active!

Following these simple tips can help you get the most out of cycling this winter:

  • Lights – white at the front and red at the back. Make sure they can be seen by others.
  • Reflectors – required by law on all bikes built since 1990
  • Reflective clothing – wear something with reflective strips after dark, and bright clothing during the day
  • Be confident – Be aware of your road position, stay away from the kerb and ride far enough away from parked cars to avoid opening doors
  • Cycle considerately – Remember that pedestrians have priority in shared spaces with cyclists, in particular parks and canal towpaths
  • Tyres – Replace your tyres if they look worn and watch out for slippery leaves on the road.