Artist s experimental film exhibition is unveiled at Hackney Downs station

A programme of experimental film and video which considers the relationship between words and image, is being screened at Hackney Downs station.

The exhibition is being shown at Banner Repeater on platform 1 and will be open to the public six days a week until 23 January 2011.

Curated by Duncan White and Steve Ball, the exhibition is part of a running arts programme at Banner Repeater, a contemporary arts project space and reading room dedicated to artists printed material, run by artist Ami Clarke.

Duncan White and Steven Ball, the curators of the current exhibition, will discuss the selected works now on show on Sunday 16th January, 2-4pm.

In the reading room KALEID editions, who represent artists who do books, present a Treaties of the Maker , a collection of books by Catalan artist Jaume Rocamora, whose cardboard sculptures are transportable and handled objects, re-interpreted through the superposition of layers and geometric shapes.

On 6 February next year, John Mullarkey, Professor of Film and Television Studies at Kingston University, will begin a programme of talks in the project space at Banner Repeater on the diagram with ‘Where, or When, is the Diagrammatic? .

On the 12 February, a new journal: Garvagi! will be launched in the project space, with a focus on the structure of speech and language in art. Garvagi! is edited by Chris Gomersall and Mark Dennis, with contributions from Malcom Quinn, John Russell, and Shahin Affrasiabi.

Banner Repeater is one of a number of projects supported by Hackney Council’s Art in Empty Spaces programme which aims to bring empty shops and premises back to life. Art in Empty Spaces projects are part-financed by central government funding awarded to the council, and also funded by the Arts Council England, amongst other funding bodies.

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, said: “By connecting artists wth empty
spaces such as that on platform one shows how empty spaces can be creatively used and brought back to life - promoting the great creative talent flourishing across Hackney.

“Banner Repeater is a very thought-provoking space, it showcases really interesting and inspiring expression.”

For more information on Banner Repeater, please visit: and join the mailing list, email:

Banner Repeater is part of Hackney Council’s Art in Empty Spaces programme. For more information on the Art in Empty Spaces programme, please visit: