Anti-social Hackney Homes tenant gets evicted from flat


A Hackney Homes tenant who brought misery to residents was evicted last week from his Homerton flat.

Dennis McDonald, of 29 Charles Burton Court in Homerton was removed from his home on Wednesday 12 August after physically assaulting neighbours and causing relentless verbal abuse.

The Hackney Homes Estate Safety and Anti-social behaviour team received reports from numerous households on the estate complaining about his intimidating and threatening behaviour. The Police had arrested McDonald several times in recent years for his conduct. He also received a Suspension Possession Order (SPO) from Clerkenwell and Shoreditch Court on 18 December 2014, giving Hackney Homes ownership of the property if he didn’t comply with actions outlined in the order.

The court gave Mr McDonald a final opportunity to change his behaviour, as part of his SPO, not to cause a nuisance, annoyance or threaten use of violence. However, he refused to change his conduct and recently assaulted a neighbour’s visitor, followed by another assault on a neighbour in front of his young children; leaving Hackney Homes with no choice but to proceed with repossession of his home.

Several measures were taken to work with the tenant over the last two years, including support from Hackney Homes and Supported Housing Provider, meetings and referrals to Drug and Alcohol Team to help him tackle alcohol misuse. He failed to engage with the services recommended, even after it became a requirement on his SPO.

Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing
The safety and welfare of residents is our primary concern and violence and anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.In this case, the actions of Mr McDonald, left us with no other choice but to evict, helping to ensure the safety of his neighbours and others around him. We want to encourage residents experiencing anti-social behaviour to report it in confidence to the Estate Safety and Anti-social behaviour team.
Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing

Hackney Homes residents can report anti-social behaviour online by visiting www.hackneyhomes.org.uk or by contacting the Estate Safety and Anti-social behaviour team directly on 020 8356 3310 or emailing asb@hackneyhomes.org.uk