An update on yesterday's localised flooding in Stamford Hill

An update from Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville, on yesterday's localised flooding in Stamford Hill. 

 Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

Unfortunately there was some localised flooding at the junction of the A10 and Cazenove Road following heavy rainfall yesterday.

We immediately sent street sweeping machines to the area to help clear the water, alongside the London Fire Brigade, which also attended. My fellow Cabinet member, Cllr Caroline Woodley, was also in the area to help out.

We had reports from three households that were affected by flooding, and we attended five locations - including the A10 - to clear surface water from the road.

Heavy rainfall events like this are becoming more common as we see the effects of climate change hit Hackney. While we tackled the issue with standing water as quickly as possible, heavy rainfall causes leaves and debris to fall and block gullies in minutes. This is coupled with the Victorian drainage infrastructure, which also comes under increased strain during events like this.

As rainfall like this becomes more common, we are committed to continuing to improve our response, while also seeking assurances from Thames Water, which manages the drainage network in the capital, and Transport for London, which manages and maintains major roads in the borough, that they are doing everything they can to mitigate the risk to residents and businesses.

“We met with Transport for London this morning to discuss the frequency of their gully cleansing and also their timetable, working with us, for long term work to mitigate against the flooding problem at the junction of the A10 and Cazenove Road

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney