Afghan refugees to be rehomed by Hackney Council

Hackney Town Hall

Hackney Council has committed to providing homes to five families fleeing the crisis in Afghanistan; is supporting Afghan refugees currently placed in local hotels; and is coordinating the local community response and help. 

The Council is one of 27 London boroughs that have indicated a willingness to take between 125 and 152 families into the UK. 

Hackney has a long-standing reputation of being open and welcoming to migrants and refugees, especially those fleeing conflict in hope of a better life. 

There are currently two schemes to help Afghan refugees to which the Council is committed to participating: one for former Afghan staff who worked for the British Government, and the wider resettlement scheme, of which we await further details from the government, for others who have recently escaped the country.

Refugees are currently in hotels managed by Central Government, where their housing and wider needs are being assessed. They are being registered with GP practices and a number of community groups are helping provide clothing and other essentials. 

The Council is currently identifying housing and making them ready for refugees, and has been working on a comprehensive and integrated support offer that will help refugees settle in Hackney. This will include housing, health care, education, adult skills, and community connections and integration. 



Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville
The situation in Afghanistan is absolutely devastating and the Council is doing everything in its power to support the national effort to provide refuge and help to the Afghans fleeing the horror unfolding in their country. 

I want to thank the community and voluntary organisations who have already stepped up or pledged support to the refugees placed locally. You have once again lived up to Hackney’s reputation as a borough that welcomes migrants and refugees.

I know many of us feel powerless but there are some practical ways to help. The immediate needs of refugees living in local hotels are currently being met by the Government, the Council and local community groups. However, this is a fast-evolving situation and there will be a need for further support, such as food banks, advice services, befriending, as well as social activities and community connections. We’re asking the Hackney community to tell us how they can help.
Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville