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10 things you never knew about Hackney's Markets

1) The last grazing stop for animals, was at Broadway Market, before their drovers herded them through London to Smithfield wholesale meat market in the City of London.

(Photo cedit: Hackney Council Archives)

2) The popular soap EastEnders was inspired by Broadway Market.[i]

3) Hoxton Street Market was established in 1687 and is Hackney’s oldest market, running for over 300 years.[i]
















(Photo cedit: Hackney Council Archives) 

4) Ridley Road Market is Hackney’s largest market operating six days a week.












(Photo credit: Donovan Johnson)

5) Hoxton Street Market name derives from “Hogesdon” which means an Anglo-Saxon farm.

6) In 1919, Jack Cohen co-founder of Tesco’s supermarket began his humble beginnings selling groceries from a stall at Well Street Market.[i]

7) Built in 1863, Hoxton Hall which is used by community arts and education purposes is located along Hoxton Street Market. [ii]












(Photo credit: Donovan Johnson)

8) Proper Old shop on Dalston Lane, started off from a stall on Chatsworth Road Market.

















(Photo credit: Proper Old Shop)

9) Hoxton Street Market was rebranded by Steve Edge a renowned graphic designer who has worked some of the UK's biggest retailers, including Marks and Spencer and Hamley's children's store.

10) Police detective dramas, Luther and River have both filmed on location in Ridley Road Market.

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